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CryptoBE Support


How do I purchase a coin to be added?
Contact Animalroam or Scorpianz on the bottom of the page.
How much does the explorer and richlist cost?
The price starts at just 0.075 BTC for regular new coins. For IPO coins and old coins, please contact us for a direct quote.
How long does the explorer and richlist last?
All of the services last a minimum of twelve months, however, the coin will be allowed to stay hosted our site so long as we have the resources to maintain the chain.
Can I extend my guaranteed time?
Absolutely. Please contact us on how long you want to extend it for.
How long does a service take to appear on your site?
Services may take 1-12 hours to be added depending on the time the service is requested.
My block explorer is not updating or is not showing.
The wallet may be bugged. If there are no nodes available (when you click on the WiFi icon), contact us below.
Can I add nodes CryptoBE is connected to in my wallet?
Sure, go to the richlist of the coin you want and click on the WiFi icon on your lower right hand side.
Do you offer an API?
Yes, click on the code icon in the header.

Contact Us


Please email all inquiries to


Please PM Animalroam or Scorpianz. This method is the most reliable.


Our twitter handle is @Crypto_BE. Please follow and retweet!


This is the fastest way to contact us when we are online. Our channel is #cryptobe on the freenode IRC network. If you do not use IRC, there is a web client linked on the last icon of the header.